Orange Cedarwood Deep Moisturizing Beeswax salve Lotion bar with coconut oil and shea butter scented with essential oils


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This Orange Cedarwood deep moisturizing salve beeswax lotion bar. This deep moisturizing bar is scented with only essential oils in a blend of orange and cedawood . This lotion is great for the areas that get really dry like hands, feet, elbows, cuticles,and even your lips. Of course, you can use it all over.

These lotion bars are made from high-quality food grade ingredients. Unrefined coconut oil, natural Shea butter, beeswax, and essential oils. They are approximately 1 oz bars and come in a reusable or recyclable tin.

My handmade lotion bars do not include water or alcohol like many store-bought lotions. They add those ingredients to help make it absorb quickly. What it also does is dry your skin out while trying to moisturize. So, this lotion will take slightly longer to absorb but will be adding only moisturizing ingredients. The best time to apply is after a shower when your pores are open and your damp skin will absorb faster. This is not necessary but may be preferred.
I personally love to put it generously on my hands and feet right before bed and wake up feeling like I just had a mini mani pedi.

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