Vegan Charcoal Tea Tree Soap All natural handmade cold process soap small batch with essential oils activated charcoal coconut oil


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The Ingredients you want on your skin, without dyes or chemical scents you don't and it is better for the environment.
This soap is made from scratch. Cold Process small batch soap. Made with Extra Virgen Olive oil, hemp oil, almond oil, unrefined coconut oil, ethically sourced palm oil, sodium hydroxide, activated charcoal, mushroom powder and tea tree essential oils.

All ingredients are high quality food grade (but please don't eat it). I don't add coloring to my soap unless ingredients in that soap change its color. This bar is black due to the activated charcoal.
I use natural botanicals and seeds as exfoliants. The scent comes from essential oils, flowers, herbs and citrus zest. Many of the flowers and herbs are organically grown in my own garden

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