Lavender Lemon Whole Milk Bath Tea with pink himalayan salt, oatmeal and Lavender buds and calendula petals and essential oils and more


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Luxurious whole milk bath tea. This milk bath is loaded with natural ingredients and scented with therapeutic grade essential oils. It has whole powdered milk, pink himalayan salt, epson salt, powdered oatmeal, baking soda, lavender buds, calendula petals and essential oils. Each bath tea comes with a 100% cotton tea bag that you can fill with the amount of bath tea you want and just toss in the tub. This isn't required but it does save you from worry of petals clogging drain or needing to clean them out of the tub after your relaxing bath. Can definitely be used without bag if preferred. Approximately 2 oz for a standard size bathtub but more can be used if preferred. This means that the can get 2 baths with the 4oz jar and 5 baths from the 10 oz bag.

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