PIneapple Mint Coconut Milk Bath Tea, Vegan Milk Bath with essential oils and all natural ingredients. Coconut milk bath


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This vegan coconut milk bath tea has all kinds of wonderful natural ingredients you wantin your bath. Coconut milk, pink himalayan salt, epson salt, oatmeal powder, baking soda, pineapple mint, calendula petals and essential oils blend that give a tropical feel. Average bath uses 2 oz. but can add to your liking. So a 4 oz jar can get approximately 2 baths. A 10 oz five baths. All milk baths come with a cotton tea bag that you can use to fill with bath milk and toss in bath. This releases all the goodness without the worry of having to clean petals and more out of your tub. Also no worry of petals clogging drains. Just empty tea bag, rinse and let dry for your next bath.. This is not necessary to use it is just a gift from a tired mama who doesn't want to clean up her own tub when I get out of my relaxing bath.

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